Here’s a sneak peek of a not-quite-finished guitar. Number 22 is a 12-fret grand concert guitar with a red spruce soundboard, sugar maple sides, back and neck, an African blackwood fingerboard and bridge, and gold Evo frets with matching, smooth-running Gotoh brushed gold X-finish high-ratio sealed tuning machines. It uses a 24.9″ scale and the nut is about 1-3/4″ wide. The neck profile was suggested to me by the commissioner, and it feels great! It’s got just a hint of a V to it and is very comfortable to play. This guitar uses doubled sides and an adjustable neck. It both feels and sounds great. This guitar will be for sale for $2750 once I’ve finished it. Contact me if you’re interested.

Here’s a quick sound sample recorded on a little Zoom audio recorder:

See photos of the build process in these galleries:

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I’ve recently started a new build, an adirondack and sugar maple 12-fret grand concert guitar that will be clean and contemporary-looking, with a sound port and paddle headstock featuring really sharp-looking Gotoh “X-finish” tuners. Notably, this guitar will be my first production guitar to use double sides and solid lining, which I’m pretty excited about. The goals for this guitar’s sound are a focused bass with good carrying power and trebles that are thick, musical and committed.


See the next installment of this guitar’s build gallery.