This is a wonderfully balanced guitar with great string and note separation. The palo escrito sides and back glow under the French polished finish. In addition, I’ve added a sound port for the player, solving one of my biggest complaints with rosewood guitars: the player can’t gauge the guitar’s sound accurately, especially in loud or large rooms. You’ll know what you’re doing right (and occasionally wrong, maybe) with this guitar. \

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This is a huge-sounding guitar with a very forward, focused sound. The maple reinforces the trebles, producing the thick mids and trebles that work beautifully for melodic flat- or finger-picking. In addition, I’ve added a sound port for the player which provides a high-resolution picture of what your playing sounds like. (I can’t wait to try out the sound port in a loud, PA-monitor-less dance situation. Maybe I’ll finally be able to tune!)

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Measuring 15″ across the lower bout, this guitar is the largest guitar I’ve built to date, and it sounds even bigger than it is. It features a narrower nut (1-11/16″) and correspondingly narrower string spacing at the saddle (2-1/8″). I finished it with a French polish/varnish/French polish sandwich, and the cherry looks incredible. The Adirondack spruce and cherry for this instrument came from Old Standard in Callaway County, Missouri.
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