Grand concert guitarsThe grand concert is the perfect combination of tone and volume. It has punchy, room-filling bass and clear, singing trebles. Never tubby, never muddy, never thin.

Grand concert guitars are extremely versatile, and are equally at home playing fingerstyle, flatpicked or strummed tunes. Strong string separation and evenness gives jazz chords entirely new depth.

Smaller guitars also sound incredible through sound systems. Both the concert and grand concert size have enormous presence in a PA without the muddiness of a larger guitar. Your sound guy (and audience) will thank you, and you might finally be able to hear the vocals in the monitor.

The smaller size of the grand concert also makes it easier to hold and play for long sessions. You’ll still be in the mix when all the dreadnoughts have gone to bed.

I’ve been playing this size of guitar as backup for traditional fiddle music for a number of years and call it the secret weapon, because even in a large, noisy session, the latest arrival will inevitably be looking all around, trying to figure out which guitar is producing that big sound. When he finally realizes it’s the littlest guitar in the room, you know you’re playing the secret weapon.