This winter, Dwight Lamb, Nate Kemperman, Amber and I decided it was high time, after playing together for nearly 20 years (!), to record a few tunes together. We wanted to get some of Dwight’s rare and common Missouri Valley tunes down, but we also thought we’d try to capture what it sounds like when friends get together in the music room over a weekend. Missouri Valley fiddle is a little different–with more ornaments, more notes, and *way* more free reeds, it sounds almost Canadian sometimes–and we hope it’ll be a fun listen.

The resulting CD will be called “80” in honor of Dwight’s recent birthday, and we’re hoping to get it released by mid-May.

I’ve been doing some sample mixes and thought I’d share a short excerpt or two just for fun. Musicians: Dwight Lamb & Nate Kemperman, fiddles; Amber Gaddy, pump organ; David Cavins, guitar (a red maple grand concert)

Bill Gray’s Quadrille
The Inimitable Reel