A cool guitar built by Antonio Torres in 1888 is up for auction at Brompton’s. The top appears to be made up of at least three unmatched pieces of spruce. If you look closely, the joints and grain lines in the spruce are angled about 6° from the centerline of the body. The back is also made up of three pieces; the center is a strip of rosewood with mahogany wings to make the width of the body. The description says that the sides are also rosewood.

I don’t point out the irregularities of this guitar to throw stones–Torres’s guitars always seem to be effortlessly built. The headstock on this guitar is perfect in its simplicity, and the solera or body shape couldn’t be more elegant. He built outstanding guitars using materials that probably wouldn’t be used in a fine instrument now, and I love how he worked around narrow soundboard and back materials, for instance. This guitar was built with human ingenuity, and the irregularities make me love it all the more.

See Brompton’s listing for larger photos and a video of the guitar being played. (It sounds great.)