I have been enjoying playing my new classical prototype…a lot. The sound is a very good match to my taste, with a woody, full midrange and sparkly, fat trebles. The basses are solid and loaded with tone. Most importantly, the sound is consistent throughout the range and the instrument sounds great in quiet sections and even better when driven hard.

A short sample of the guitar’s sound.

In considering construction decisions for this Cavins classical, my primary inspiration was the guitar sound on the incredible Scott Tennant album “Guitar Recital.” The album was an instant favorite for me (thanks to my guitar teacher, who introduced it to me), and the sound of his guitar captured me right away. I’m sure that Scott Tennant could make any guitar sing, but I understand that the instrument on the recording was made by Miguel Rodriguez.

Since I knew I wanted a crisp, woody bass, I chose a stiff Engelmann spruce top and braced it using a very lightweight seven-fan bracing layout. To reinforce the midrange and trebles I chose red maple sides and back (in my steel-string experience, it produces lush trebles). The very lightweight black walnut bridge contributes to the percussive, lively attack. The fingerboard is Honduran rosewood, and the binding, end wedge, and other trim are black walnut. The sample audio was recorded while the guitar was strung with Augustine medium tension strings, although “hard tension” La Bella 2001s are an even better match for this guitar. I incorporated a sound port in the upper bout, and I’ve really enjoyed the immediate and transparent feedback that it provides the player.