I enjoy making these unusual cookies, which remind me of growing up in a Flemish family in a very Flemish neighborhood in Moline, Illinois. I can remember going with my Grandpa DeGreve to Mrs Drummonds’s kitchen door around the back of her house to pick up fresh lukken and spicy cookies called speculaas. Several years ago, my parents bought me a lukken iron (it actually says “lukkenyzer” on it!) after I proved that I could make a creditable lukken in a krumkake iron (that’s the Scandinavian name for a similar cookie). Continue reading “Lukken”

The buyer of no. 3 (left) and I pose with the guitar.
Grand concert no 3 went to a very good home.

I’m delighted to say that grand concert no 3 has gone to wonderful home.

The very best thing about building guitars is making good guitar/player matches, and I think this player has found a lifelong friend in this guitar. He wrote me a few days after he picked up the guitar, asking, “What’s the opposite of buyer’s remorse?” The answer is the grin on this guitar builder’s face, of course!

Yesterday I closed the boxes on a new pair of guitars, both in sugar maple. Sugar maple is a dream to work with and handsome to boot.

These sets show incredible figure now and will be eye-popping under shellac. I’m setting this tenor up to be tuned slightly lower, like an octave mandolin (G-D-A-E), rather than the more common C-G-D-A tenor tuning. Its big sister will be a grand concert size six-string, and this batch of sugar maple so far sounds like the best cherry, with a nice pinging tap tone.

Sugar maple tenor and grand concert set
Sugar maple tenor and grand concert set

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